Thursday, June 16, 2016


Today, the one and only Donut Lady - Debbie Feiler - will be taking over the blog to share a true story about two very special people in the community, and the details on the lasting difference they're making. Take it away Debbie!

A few years ago when I had just started BB's Donuts, in the early mornings as I would open the shop and start the day, I saw a man running through the streets. He came by almost everyday, and on his way, he would stop and pick up pieces of garbage and litter that were strewn among the streets. One morning our paths crossed. I approached him, asked his name, and a friendship soon ensued. I have known Val Price (87) for a while now, and decided it was time for the world to know him, too. Val has lived in Western Springs since 1936, and is known to most of the residents as "the man who picks up garbage on his morning runs". When I first met Val, he told me about an initiative he had called the IPICUP - "It's People's Interest: Cleaner Urban Premises" - which can also be spoken as "I - PICK - UP"! I love how selfless Val is and that he takes time out of his day to make the community of Western Springs a better place. With his actions, he has inspired me to stop and pick up the garbage that has been carelessly left out in the open. Not only has he inspired me, but he has caused many others to join the initiative, too! There's no age limit to join IPICUP, anyone can start! There's no formal membership or initiation ceremony; you just need a desire to better the community and be willing to pick up any trash you see!

One of IPICUP's youngest and most recent members, Dean McCain (3), is a very frequent customer at the donut shop! Almost every time he comes for a donut fix, he's wearing his Waste Management hat, made by his mom Jessica McCain. One day, while they were in the shop, I got talking to Dean's mom. It turns out that Dean loves wearing his WM hat and is super fascinated with garbage trucks. He even picks up garbage he sees on the ground - at three years old! When I heard this, I knew I had to get Dean and Val together to meet.

A few days ago, I invited both Val and Dean to the donut shop to meet and get their picture taken. I wanted to share a story about them and the difference they both help make in the community, and alert everyone to what they're doing! Our photographer, Molly, took some great photos of the two meeting, take a look below!

Thank you so much to Dean and Val for all the work you do to better the community! I'm so happy that you two could meet over some yummy donuts! And thank you so much for the work you do to make the world a better place - especially our little world of Western Springs.

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